What Lexapro actually does at that time is that it stimulates the brain by force and actually influences the brain to secrete more and more of that substance so that we can get relaxed. Lexapro can be used for kids as it stimulates the brain.

Lexapro Blocks Neurotransmitters Such As Serotonin: Our mind has some neurotransmitters which link our mind with the nerve cells in the body. These neurotransmitters are very important. Any imbalance in them can cause anxiety and depression. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter directly involved with tension and anxiety. When serotonin is absorbed in the brain, people feel depressed and anxious. Lexapro blocks that serotonin from being absorbed into the brain. Lexapro is mostly used in Major Depressive Disorder in patients 12 to 17 years old. Lexapro is a relaxing medicine not for sale without prescription. Lexapro is not an over-the-counter drug.

Conditions When Lexapro Is Prohibited: If someone is taking drugs such as Nardil or Parnate, he must not take Lexapro with it as the combination can leave unwanted side effects. If you are taking any type of antipsychotic drug like Orap or Celexa, again you should not take Lexapro. Lastly if you have any type of allergy or you are allergic to Lexapro itself, you must not take it. Before taking Lexapro you should tell your physician or medical doctor about your complete medical history i.e. when you got any disease or when you took which medicine to overcome that disease and also that if you have any persisting medical condition like blood pressure, etc. Also that if you had any side effects of any medicine ever or whether you have been taking Lexapro for the first time or you have taken it before. In other words, you should discuss in depth symptoms and details with your doctor especially kidneys or liver as Lexapro is not a regular medicine, rather a relaxing drug. It may cause damage if the doctor prescribed without knowing patient`s complete medical history.

Use Lexapro When You Have Bad Thoughts: People having anxiety must take care of their thoughts as these thoughts are the symptoms of something bad like aggressiveness or feel like killing someone or getting killed are all worst thoughts and should be noticed carefully. Under these thoughts, any person must not drive and avoid drinking alcohol must be avoided. Lexapro helps get control of mind within such conditions and if these persist, you can continue taking Lexapro. Remember, Lexapro is addictive as it is a relaxing drug and patients of anxiety like it when they get rid of their symptoms but Lexapro must not be continued until or unless as prescribed by the doctor.

Side Effects Of Lexapro: The side effects of Lexapro are nausea, dry mouth, feeling difficulty in sleep, ejaculation disorder, increased sweating, dizziness, constipation and fatigue. Lexapro also has sexual side effects such as delayed ejaculation, genital anesthesia and anorgasmia. Usually these side effects are reversible on discontinuation but if someone continues to take Lexapro, these side effects can last for months or even years. This was the reason that this drug was banned long time ago in several countries.

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